Escort 9500ci Radar Detector Instrument Cluster and Steering Wheel Control Interface : Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 9500ci Interface?

  • The 9500ci interface is a data module that pairs with the Passport 9500ci and BelStir+ stealth radar system made by Escort and Beltronics respectively.  This interface has several features: intsrument cluster display, steering wheel controls, Kband radar filtration.  

Instrument cluster display: Elimnates the need for the radar’s factory display.  The interface will translate the information from the radar detector and display this information on the instrument cluster of the vehicle while in the ‘Audio’ setting. 

Steering wheel controls: This feature gives the user basic control over the radar detector from the steering wheel of the vehicle.  Mercedes customers can control: volume, mute, sensitivity, and mark location.  Audi customers can control volume and mute.  

Kband filtration: Starting in 2007, many vehicles have been manufactured to include tremendous safety features designed to avoid collisions on the road.  While these features are fantastic, they sometimes present a challenge for customers trying to install advanced radar detector systems. Because some of the safety features may emit a constant Kband signal, there is often interference with radar detectors (the radar detector will constantly pick up an ‘alert’).  Our data interface will filter these unwanted frequencies coming from the vehicle’s safety systems.  By filtering in between the front radar receiver and the radar detector brain, the interface and filtering do not disrupt the functions of the radar detector.  Kband filtering allows customers to keep valuable Kband detection and use their vehicles safety systems.  

How does it work?

  • Our radar detector interfaces work by a simple set of connections between both the radar detector and vehicle.  The interface reads the display output from the radar detector and broadcasts that information visually on the vehicle instrument cluster in the ‘Audio’ setting.  Speaker will work as normal.  

How is it insalled?

Who can install the 9500 radar interface?

What is the warranty?

  • Our warranty for the 9500ci radar interface is 2 years.  

How do I know if it is compatible with my vehicle?

  • Click here and choose your vehicle to purchase and get vehicle specific information.

Does the 9500ci Interface effect my factory warranty?

  • No- installed correctly, our system does not affect your factory warranty.  Mercedes units are all plug-and-play and the Audi and Ferrari connections only involve two wires and our software is designed in a model specifc manner to ensure seamless integration.

Are you sure it won’t effect my warranty?

  • Yes.  In the United States, there is legislation known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act that protects consumers from having their factory warranties unfairly terminated.

What if I am having trouble with my system?

  • If you are having any issues, questions, or concerns with our products, please visit our support page.  It is advised to consult any instruction/installation manuals, troubleshooting guides, or tech documents.  You can also contact us by phone at 312-421-1114 to speak to someone in technical support.  We are available M-F from 10-6 US Central Time.  

What if I need to take my vehicle into service?

  • The 9500ci interface does not disrupt the vehicle’s diagnostic process.

What if I do not have a Mercedes or Audi, but my vehicle is interfering with my 9500ci or StiR+ radar detector?

  • In addition to our vehicle specific interfaces, we make a universal filtering interface to work with any vehicle and the Escort 9500ci or Beltronics StiR+ (9500HS125CUSTOM).  This interface will sit in line with the front radar receiver and radar detector brain.  While it does not do instrument cluster display or steering wheel controls, it will filter the desired interference from the vehicle.  Installation is simply: power / ground (can be had from same place as radar detector) and two plug-and-play RJ22 connections between the radar detector and interface.  This piece is built to order- just contact us at 312-421-1114 or with your desired frequency range to filter.  Orders placed before 4PM Central will ship the same day. 

To test for Kband interference frequency range: It is best to have a radar detector avaialable that can give a spec readout of the band and frequencie

  1.  Start vehicle and power radar detector 
  2. Move radar receiver around entire vehicle and observe frequency readout.  Record all frequencies.
  3. Take vehicle for a short drive with radar receiver and display and see if any additional frequencies are picked up consitently.
  4. Determine frequencie range.   There should two ranges with a high and low frequency defining each range.