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SmartKey Starter® for Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Dealerships from Miami to Anchorage use our world renowned plug and play remote start solution for Mercedes-Benz. Keeping installations in-house, it’s a desirable and affordable option for new car buyers.

Mobile electronics specialty retailers can offer the Smartkey Starter® to Mercedes-Benz owners with vehicles as far back as 2003. With so many compatible Mercedes-Benz models, there could be thousands of potential customers in your area alone!

We send the business directly to you.

Our high ranking website,, uses an updated dealer locator to send potential customers directly to Mercedes-Benz dealerships and specialty retailers all over the world. When you become a Midcity Authorized dealer you are added to our database, increasing the visibility of your business to potential clients.

A customer base of automotive electronics enthusiasts

Because our products are geared towards the luxury vehicle market, our primary customer is very interested in the latest and greatest vehicle accessories. When you combine our offerings with other high end products such as Escort and K40 radar detectors, you make your shop more appealing to this important segment.

Quality you can count on

All of our products pass stringent quality control guidelines and include a bulletproof warranty. Because of this, you can install Mid City products with confidence. Become a Midcity Engineering Dealer today!

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