Escort MAXCi / MAXCi 360 / MAX iX Ci Integration for Lamborghini Huracán – MAXINT-HUR


Enhance the best radar detector in the world with our instrument cluster and steering wheel control interface – Use your instrument cluster as your display and your steering wheel as your controller to go completely stealth! 

Compatible models:

  • 2014-2019

Compatible Radar Detectors:

  • Escort MAXCi
  • Escort MAXCi 360
  • Escort Max iX Ci

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Escort Max Ci / Max Ci 360 / Max iX Ci Instrument Cluster and Steering wheel control interface for Lamborghini Huracán

  • Escort display information displayed on OEM instrument cluster across multiple menus 

  • Steering wheel controls – including Escort menu access, Escort settings, and programmable options

  • User friendly menu featuring customizable display options and settings

  • Optional digital speedometer display across multiple screens

  • Seamless CAN integration, keeping all warranties intact