Volvo XC60 and XC90 Remote Start – SKSXC

Compustar Drone 4G Smart Phone Control X1 LTE discounted with purchase of any SmartKey Starter®

The Drone Mobile by Compustar is an add-on module that allows your existing Smartkey Starter® remote start to be controlled using your iOS or Android smartphone (subscription required).

From: $149.00


  • XC40 2018-2024
  • XC60 2017-2024
  • S60 2021-2024
  • V60 2021-2024
  • S90 2017-2024
  • V90 2017-2024
  • XC90 2015*-2024

*2015 XC90 needs to be current body style.

**Note: the SKSXC is only validated with North American spec Volvos. Some international Volvos have worked, but some have not. For international customers, please call or email for details.

Not compatible with plug-in hybrid models (Recharge models). 

  • Remote start out of the box using factory key fob (save on annual Volvo subscriptions)
  • Optional Drone add-on for smart phone control
  • Installs in minutes
  • Compatible with Compustar RF remotes (not compatible with AM remotes)**

View demo video and installation manual below!

*Please call us at 312-421-1114 for 2017 and 2018 compatibility, some restrictions apply.

**RF remotes and Drone cannot be used at the same time. Not compatible with AM remotes.

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3X Lock Remote Start add-on for Volvo with Optional Smart Phone Control 

  • Easily add remote start Volvo with OEM key fob control (3X LOCK)
  • Save $250 annually (Volvo factory remote start requires annual plan of $250/year)
  • Add optional smart phone control for start/stock, lock/unlock, and GPS features*
  • Compatible with Compustar RF remotes** (AM remotes not supported)
  • Seamlessly integrates with Volvo telematics module
  • Install in minutes (only 4 connections required – power, ground, CAN high and CAN low)

*Service fee required, see for options

**RF remotes and Drone cannot be used at the same time (AM remotes not supported).