Stop/start, PTO, & CAN I/O 



  • Auto stop/start

  • Power takeoff (PTO)

  • Battery management automation

  • Idle mitigation

  • CAN I/O breakout

  • Send vehicle and engine data to external controller and/or display

  • LED status output


Plug & play connection at the PSM harness for all 2019-2024 Sprinters. The 907PSMJR interfaces at the up-fitter gateway to provide builders with the seamless integration they need to satisfy market and customer demands. 

Note: The 907PSMJR plugs into the OEM upfitter harness. If vehicle has the optional PSM module, it will need to be disconnected in order to install the 907PSMJR.




Are you using PSM for your builds?

Talk to us about your application! We’re working on an updated version of this piece that will provide more outputs and inputs and we would love to talk to you about your application and needs.


Using CAN for communication between auxillary systems already?

Great! PSM JR has an external CAN protocol and we can help make it work with your existing hardware. Why hook up 10 wires when you can hook up 2?


Use stop stop/start for idle mitigation and battery management.

The 907PSMJR does auto stop/start to control when the engine does and does not run at idle to manage house and external batteries, power equipment, save fuel, garauntee compliance with idling regulations. Stop/start is an essential tool for a builder to keep up with the current customer demands. 

 Power takeoff  (PTO)

Some applications just require a faster idle. Whether it’s a secondary alternator, heavy equipment, or an increased charging capacity use 907PSMJR to control idle speed with a switch, external control, or OEM controls. 


CAN Breakout (I/O)

Send analog signals and drive equipment with 4 high side outputs, 1 low side output, and 6 inputs. 

Note: If you need more outputs, please talk to us about your application. We’re moving a lot of customers to external CAN for signals and controls, but we understand some applications require analog outputs. The next revision of this hardware will have more outputs, but we want input from you. 

Also available:

Stand-alone PTO (power takeoff)




  • Idle control module stand-alone.
  • Connect to OEM upfitter harness (PSM)
  • If using alongside PSM, option to connect under passenger side dash

  • Activate with switch, parking brake, or OEM stalk
  • 100% plug & play 

Custom switch panels




  • Custom switch panels

  • Seamless install with OEM switch panel

  • Switch harnesses available for stop/start and high idle