Sprinter Van Backup Camera Kit 2014 – 2018 906CAMKLIGHT

Does your Sprinter have OEM camera pre-wiring?

Save time, add our factory pre-wiring adapter!

From: $379.00


Compatible with all 2014-2018 Sprinter vans

  • Plug-and-play OBDII Programmer
  • Kit includes all parts needed to add OEM style backup camera, including third brake light replacement camera custom built for Sprinter vans
  • Enables factory camera retrofit- including on-demand option
  • Includes RCA to FAKRA adapter to plug camera into factory input

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van OEM Camera Programmer

  • 100% plug-and-play.  Uses OBDII diagnostic port for seamless installation
  • Includes third brake light replacement camera with extended reach and adjustable lens angle
  • Extended reach of camera and adjustable lens angle ensures bumpers are within camera view on all body styles
  • Programs automatically.  Simply plug programmer into OBDII diagnostic port and start the vehicle with the radio on- in 30 seconds, the factory camera input and programming will be on
  • Includes RCA to FAKRA adapter to plug in camera behind radio
  • Works on all Sprinter vans 2014-2018
  • Enable camera on-demand through radio menu
  • Does not effect factory warranty