Escort Radar Integration Ferrari California 2011 – 2013

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We’ve taken the best radar detector on the market, and made it better for the Ferrari California.

What does it do?
This add-on module for select* Escort® Radar detectors eliminates the need for externally mounted displays, by using your vehicle’s instrument cluster to show system alerts. Control of the system can even be achieved by using your steering wheel controls.

What is required?
As long as you have a compatible vehicle and a compatible Escort® Radar Detector, the module can be installed. If you are experienced enough to install an Integrated Escort® Radar Detector, then you will be capable of installing this add-on.

Where does it go?
The small module gets neatly tucked away behind your vehicle’s dashboard, and plugs into the control unit of your escort radar system.

How does it work?
The module talks to the computer in your Ferrari using the same language that other vehicle systems use to display info. This makes for a non-invasive, reliable installation with a factory look.

For Ferrari California owners who have, or are planning to get an Escort® Radar system, this add-on is a must have!

*This module works for the 9500ci and the Bel STIR+.


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