SKS220 Released | Chicago, IL (11.27.11)
Mid City Engineering, maker of the SmartKey Starter® for Mercedes-Benz has released a new model compatible with older body styles, extending compatibility to CL and S-Class Mercedes-Benz vehicles from 2003 to 2006, as well as SL models from 2003 to 2012. Like other releases of the SmartKey Starter®, the SKS220 provides a plug and play connection to the vehicle’s wiring, allowing the driver to remotely start their vehicle by pressing the panic button on their factory smart key, or select long range remotes.

Optional plug & play add-ons include extended range 1-way and 2-way remotes, giving the driver up to one mile of operating range. Also available, are smart phone interface modules with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry compatibility as well as desktop web browsers.

Installers benefit from a simple and straightforward installation, while end-users enjoy a convenient and elegant feature not available from the factory.

Check the SmartKey Starter® compatibility chart for other vehicles, or visit // for more information. To find an authorized SmartKey Starter® installer, use the dealer locator to locate a Mercedes-Benz dealer or mobile electronics specialty retailer in your area.

Remote Start for Mercedes Benz Remote Start in a Mercedes-Benz SL
2003 – 2006
2003 – 2006
2003 – Current


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